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Because wisdom teeth are often the last to develop, there might not be enough space in the jaw to accommodate them. If your wisdom teeth erupt without compromising any adjacent teeth or preventing you from maintaining proper oral hygiene, then extraction can be avoided.

However, if we determine that your wisdom teeth must be removed, we promise not to use rusty pliers. We’re not going to pretend that the process is fun, but we take our patients’ comfort very seriously and perform the extraction as gently and carefully as possible. There’s also a strong chance you’ll look like a chipmunk for a couple of days, so at least you’ll score some social media sympathy points.

Depending on your comfort level, we offer three options for the procedure:

Local Anesthesia

  • You’re fully awake and aware of everything that’s happening to you. While you feel pressure, there is no pain during the operation.

    Local Anesthesia & Oral Sedation

    • In addition to a lack of pain, we provide you with an anti-anxiety pill that relaxes you and causes significant drowsiness.

    Local Anesthesia & IV Sedation

    • We administer the medications intravenously and you enter into a deeper sedated state. This procedure is performed by a certified dentist or dental specialist.

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